Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day # 9

Today is our solo night. I hiked for two hours and found a nice spot inside the canyon. I have never backpacked alone before, but after being around 19 people for the past nine days it is nice to be alone. Darla asked us to think about three things that would make us a better person, while we are alone. My three things that I feel would make me a better person would be: 1. To not go out of my way for people as much. I feel that I do things for people that dont even treat me very well. And I think I do it for them to like me, but I have realized that doing things for people shouldnt make them like you. The second thing would be to work on the relationship with my brother. We were closer when we were younger and I feel that he is an important influence in my life, I just need to keep in touch with him more, and make sure he is happy where he is at in his life.We also both love the outdoors and would love to go on adventures with him! The third thing would be to be okay with being alone. Living alone this year has made me realize that it can be hard to sit alone. I am such a social person, but I think it is always a good thing to work on being okay with being alone! As soon as the sun went down I found myself falling asleep. The next thing I knew it was morning. When I woke up I cleaned up camp and hiked to the top of the canyon. I sat there for hours writing letters to all my friends back at home, and I wrote a letter to my grandparents thanking them for supporting me with everything I do in my life. They have always been behind me 100% and they especially support my free spirit for travel and adventure. This solo night really helped me reflect on things, and I defintely want to go on more solo trips.

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